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Keeping you safe at Driffield Show 2021

Taking place over two days for the first time in its history the 2021 Driffield Show

will be an exceptional Show taking place in an exceptional time. (V5,16/07/2021)


We will  stringently adhere to guidelines laid out by the Government Roadmap and recommendations for staging outdoor events, as well as working closely with Public Protection / Health England and ERYC.


This year, more so than every before, the Show is going to be a real partnership event with all parties involved working together to ensure the Show is not only fantastic but also a safe CV-19 secure event.


Space for Social Distancing   

Steps are being taken to remove obstructions from potentially high-volume areas. There will be no grandstands or ringside lounges around the mainring increasing space for public viewing.

Barcoded Admission Tickets 

All entering the Showground over the Show period will be issued with a barcoded ticket to enable scanning on entry.  This will provide real time data and ensure the numbers of people on site always stay within safe levels. 

Socially Distanced Gates 

A revised entrance queueing system will be in place to ensure all gate locations provide suitable social distancing for both entry and queueing.

Reduction in Indoor Spaces 

The large marquees normally in use will be replaced by outside areas or covered spaces that are walked around rather than through. Outdoor opportunities will be increased in areas such as the Members’ Enclosure and public bars.

Sanitising Stations 

Hand sanitising stations will be based at all entry gates and in anticipated high-volume areas, with touch free handwash units spread throughout the site and outside toilet blocks.

Mask Wearing 

Mask wearing will be advised, in all inside spaces. Some areas will be designated “MASK ZONES” either at all times or at certain times of the day.

Widening of Avenues 

Avenues will be widened to at least 6m to provide increased space for visitors to socially distance.

Crowd Density monitoring 

High volume areas of the Showground will be constantly monitored and Stewards will be in position to encourage visitors to make the use of the whole site whilst maintaining social distancing.

One-way Systems 

One-way systems will be introduced in high volume areas. Temporary one-way systems will be activated quickly in other areas if monitoring deems it necessary.

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