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Santa around Town

Unfortunately, the Driffield Showground are currently unable to access their FaceBook page.  However, they still want to everyone to know that Santa is definitely still visiting Driffield with his annual Santa Around Town Tour!

Santa’s sleigh has been in the Driffield Showground workshop being fitted with new elf dust powered rocket boosters and after an anxious few days we are pleased to say that it has passed  all its Elf and Safety checks with flying colours and is ready to start visiting the good boys and girls of Driffield this week. Santa himself has sent us an official email directly from the North Pole to let us know which parts of Driffield he will be visiting and has asked us to let you know he is excited to be taking the following routes.


Wednesday 6th December 

Westgate, Spellowgate, Whitelands, Armistice Park, Lowndes Park, York Road/North Street to Middle St North, Middle St North


Thursday 7th December

Sycamore Park, Long Lane, Mortimer Park (Nalton Drive etc)


Friday 8th December

St. John’s Road, Beverley Road, (part). Bracken Road to Briar Garth, Duncombe Drive, Woldholme Avenue, Wold View Road South, The Horseshoe, Wold View Road North, Spencers Way

Saturday 9th December

Fieldfare Estate, Berriman Drive, Slayersdale, Welbourn Gardens, Tasker Close, Milner Avenue, Horner Garth, Kirk Dene, The Ridings, Meadowcroft Drive


Sunday 10th December

Taylor’s Field, King’s Mill Road, Bracken Road to and incl. Briar Garth, King’s Mill Park, Newland Avenue, Mill Falls, Kings Meadow, Mill Rise, Angus Drive, York Road, Victoria Road


Monday 11th December

Park Ave, Highfield Ave, Northfield Road, Southfield Road, Southfield Close, Northfield Close, Woodland Rise, Bridlington Road (part), Greenlands / Greenways, Eastfield Road


Tuesday 12th December

The Chase, Butler Croft, Reynard’s Avenue, Julian Garth, Crop Close, Draw Close, New Walk, The Green, Wansford Road (south of level crossing) to Verity Way,  Verity Way, Bethell Walk, Cawthorn Close,  Easingwood Way, Mortimer Walk, Randall Garth.


Wednesday 13th December

Eastgate South, Albion Street, Riverhead/Anderson Street, Meadow Road, Wansford Road (north of level crossing),  Manorfield Avenue & Road, Scarborough Road (to Eastfield Rd junction), Eastgate North


Thursday 14th December

Auchinleck Close, Southwood Park, Little Driffield

Every single penny of the money raised throughout the week is put towards the funding of series of bursaries which are awarded annually.  The four bursaries, one each for Medical, Music & Performing Arts, Carpentry and Agriculture, are awarded by a small panel of Society members annually in late summer and only students over 16 years of age going entering into Further Education and residing in the YO25 area are eligible to apply ensuring that the money raised by local people goes on to help local young people. 

The funds also go towards presents for the children attending Riding for the Disabled and provides funding for two Driffield School students to attend the RYLA Leadership program.

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