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'Not' the DRIFFIELD SHOW 2020


Every couple of weeks we will be changing the classes, each class is open to Foundation, Junior and Secondary school ages.

All classes will be for fun, with some of the best entries shown both here on our website and on social media. Where we can offer small prizes we will and hopefully all will enjoy the experience of making the entries and having a go!

  1. First prize in each class is an original Driffield Agricultural Society pen!

  2. All entries to be submitted through the relevant buttons please.

  3. The Judges decision is final.

  4. All entries to be in by 5pm, extended to 12th July 2020.

  5. Results to be announced on the 22nd July 2020, originally Driffield Showday.


The common form of a scarecrow is a human figure dressed in old clothes and placed in open farmers fields to discourage birds such as crows or sparrows from disturbing and feeding on recently sown seed and growing crops.

Scarecrows have appeared in books written as far back as as the year 712 and probably the most famous scarecrow of all features in the film "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".

Almost anything you can find in your space can help you. 


You can also use recycled materials  from your around your home.

Don't forget to ask an adult before using anything!)

                                      Click on the buttons below for inspiration

The empowered educator - Plant Pot Scarecrow

The challenge

  • Draw your design for a scarecrow based on the materials you have at home.

  • You can make a full size scarecrow or a smaller model of it depending on what materials you have to hand and the size of your space, it can be for outside in your garden, a smaller version to go in a planter or a model for your room.

  • Always ask an adult for help when needed.

  • Take a photograph of your drawing / design and 2 shots of your final scarecrow and submit them below.


Deadline for entries - 5pm, extended to 12th July

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