Our  farmers and growers continue to work tirelessly to ensure that there is food on the supermarket shelves and in our home deliveries.  In recent weeks farmers have been working in the fields preparing the land, sowing  and fertilising spring crops.  Some fields are already beginning to turn yellow with the blossom of rapeseed used in cooking oils and margarine.  Many fields are covered in the green shoots of wheat  used for making flour for bread and cakes.  Potatoes are being planted and land prepared to grow peas and carrots. 


Our commercial greenhouses are full of lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Farmers around our county are busy looking after pigs and cattle, cows are being cared for  so that there is always milk ready for you to buy.  Many sheep farmers are busy lambing at the moment and chicken farmers work hard to ensure there are always eggs on the supermarket shelves.

Crops always need tending and animals need to be fed and cared for to ensure that the supply of food continues.  East Riding farmers are proud of the products they grow and along with farmers in the rest of the country and overseas are working to keep us all fed.

Our farmers lifting potatoes for you to eat