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'Not' the DRIFFIELD SHOW 2020


If you have a garden or an outside space build a ‘hotel’ to attract wildlife, especially invertebrates.


You could use -

  • old bark 

  • holes in dead wood 

  • gaps between rocks 

  • hollow plant stems 

  • spaces in dead logs 

  • stones or old bricks

Almost anything you can find in your space can help you. 

All these can provide a home for small creatures that need somewhere to nest or to escape from predators or bad weather.


You can also use recycled materials  from your around your home.

Don't forget to ask an adult first!)

Click on the buttons below for inspiration

bug hotel 1.jpg
bug hotel 2.jpg
bug hotel 3.jpg

Every couple of weeks we will be changing the classes, each class is open to Foundation, Junior and Secondary school ages.

All classes will be for fun, with some of the best entries shown both here on our website and on social media. Where we can offer small prizes we will and hopefully all will enjoy the experience of making the entries and having a go!

  1. First in each class will win a prize!

  2. All entries to be submitted through the relevant buttons please.

  3. The Judges decision is final.

  4. All entries to be in by 5pm, extended to the 12th July.

  5. Results will be announced on the 22nd July 2020, originally Driffield Showday


The challenge

  • Design your bug house on a piece of paper

  • Make you bug house with items as suggested above and anything else you can think of, remember no two houses will ever look the same!

  • Over the 2 weeks make a diary of the creatures you see living in it  

  • Take photographs of everything above and submit them below

Deadline for entries - 5pm, extended to 12th July

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