'Not' the DRIFFIELD SHOW 2020


Prizes kindly sponsored by 

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All classes will be for fun, with some of the best entries shown both here on our website and on social media. Prizes for the handicraft section have been kindly sponsored by Flair Office Supplies, hopefully all will enjoy the experience of making the entries and having a go!

  1. First, second and third will win a prize in each class

  2. All entries to be submitted through the relevant buttons please.

  3. The Judges decision is final.

  4. All entries to be in by 5pm, 17th July 2020.

  5. Results to be announced on the 22nd July 2020, originally Driffield Showday.


  • On a plain sheet of A4 paper, copy out the poem for your age group in your best handwriting.

  • Take a picture of your work making sure we can clearly see your work

  • Use the submit buttons below on the bottom of the poem to enter your work.

Year 5 - Flint by Christina Rossetti

An emerald is as green as grass,

A ruby red as blood;

A sapphire shines as blue as heaven;

A flint lies in the mud.


A diamond is a brilliant stone,

To catch the world's desire;

An opal holds a fiery spark;

But a flint holds fire.

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Deadline for entries - 5pm, 17th July

 Year 6 - Trees by Sarah Coleridge

The Oak is called the king of trees,

The Aspen quivers in the breeze,

The Poplar grows up straight and tall,

The Peach tree spreads along the wall,

The Sycamore gives pleasant shade,

The Willow droops in watery glade,

The Fir tree useful in timber gives,

The Beech amid the forest lives.

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Deadline for entries - 5pm,17th July

Year 7 -13 - If Only by Jonathan Brown

If only I could imprison the span of life

And let people stay here for ever

And witness the shining glory of eternity.


If only I could trap the soldiers

And throw them into a black hole

So that people could live in peace

Without constant hiding.


If only I could set the trapped animals free

And put them into a peaceful place

So that they can live in harmony.


If only I could stop the hate

Between you and me.


If only I could stop the wars

And rid us of all pain.


If only I could cut a slit

In every prejudiced jibe

As saddening as the lone wolf's cry.


If only you could come with me

Together we could make history.

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Deadline for entries - 5pm,17th July