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'Not' the DRIFFIELD SHOW 2020

Flower Classes


All classes will be for fun, with some of the best entries shown both here on our website and on social media. Where we can offer small prizes we will and hopefully all will enjoy the experience of making the entries and having a go!

Everyone’s planted spaces, gardens, allotments and vegetable plots are looking fantastic, especially now we have had some rain.  In these strange times, however, we can only invite small numbers of our family and friends around to enjoy them so let’s show them off online!

  1. First to third in each class will receive a prizecard and cash prize!

  2. All entries to be submitted through the  submit button please.

  3. The entry must be your work

  4. The Judges decision is final.

  5. All entries to be in by 5pm,12th July 2020.

  6. Results will be posted on the 22nd July, originally Driffield Showday 2020


9) A photograph of a vase of mixed SWEET PEAS picked from your garden.


10) A photograph of a single SWEET PEA bloom from your garden.

11) A photograph of any ROSE bloom growing in your garden.


12) A photograph of one specimen Large Flowered (HT) ROSE bloom, any variety,        grown in your garden.


13) A photograph of 3 Large Flowered (HT) ROSE blooms grown in your garden.


14) A photograph of  3 DAHLIA blooms, any variety, grown in your garden.

15) A photograph of a vase of mixed HERBACEOUS PERENNIALS grown in your           garden.



Deadline for entries - 5pm, 12th July

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